New Price on Entry-Level Products

Jackery Warms up New Year -
New Price on Entry-Level Products

At Jackery, we are always working to improve and build even better customer satisfaction. This is why we are excited to announce the price for Explorer 240 and Explorer 300 will be reduced by US$50 on Jackery's official website,, and, effective at midnight on the 18th January 2021.  

The Explorer 240 and Explorer 300 are the entry-level Jackery portable power stations. They are a perfect choice for those who would like to charge their devices and run small appliances while outdoors or on short trips.

Jackery is driven by the understanding that developing green power solutions is not only good for us here and now but needed for future generations. Though 2020 was a tough year for many companies, our corporate social responsibility and humanistic care mentality helped us prepare for and overcome many challenges.  

We stuck to our 2020 goals of upgrading our official website to enable shopping directly, introducing the Explorer 1000, and welcoming the Explorer 300. We will strive to continue the Jackery vision and commitment to provide green energy solutions, and power outdoor life into 2021.  

To continue to reach our goals and provide excellent products like the best solar generators in the world, we will work together with our partners, ambassadors, and employees. We strive to produce the best products and sell them at the best price to outdoor enthusiasts and weekend campers everywhere.

Jackery Explorer 240

Entry Level

Original Price: $249.99

New Price:$199.99

Jackery Explorer 300

Entry Plus Level 

Original Price: $349.99

New Price:$299.99


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